Just a note to you all:

We were all given one body, just one. Why do we feel the need to destroy it and loathe it so much? We fast, and binge, and purge, and cut. We are cursed with mental illnesses that make us hate our brains and our bodies and some of us are unable to fight the darkness deep inside of us.

But now it’s time.

It’s time to tell yourself, “I deserve better.”

Because we all do. We deserve a future, full of love, and family, and friends, and dreams and goals. There is so much positivity we can fill our lives up with. The more we allow the good things into our lives and the more we tell ourselves that our life can be fuller, the more we can slowly push all of that self hate and anger outwards to make more room for good days.

I know it is difficult, and I know that sometimes you feel like you can’t take anymore. But I promise you, the more you fight, the stronger you will become. It is possible. It is exhausting and a rollercoaster of emotions, but I promise you it is possible. You dont have to do it alone, I am here, and many other people are here for you too.

So when it gets too difficult, reach out for help, because you deserve a much fuller life. Just remember, please don’t stop fighting, because one day it will all be worth theĀ pain, and tears.

If you need to talk, I’ll listen.

I promise.