No More Silence:


The only way that this book can happen is with your help. 

The ways you can help are quite simple.

1. Make a post about how important this book is and include the book’s Tumblr for people to check out.

2. Write something to submit for the book if you are eating disordered (recovery or not) or if you have been a part of someone’s journey, explain how it has been on the outside.

3. Tell people that you think might want to be involved and tell them they can contact me or check out this Tumblr.

4. Contact me if you have any questions if you are curious or if you want to be involved but you aren’t sure what to say.

5. Just reblog this post to share with others or just a link to the Tumblr.

That’s all you need to do, we just have to spread the word in any way we can because this book cannot happen without the help of the people who write for the book.

I know that this book we will touch people and get eating disorder awareness out there and I can’t do it without your help.