My name is Jes ( and I am in recovery for anorexia. This blog is a way to spread awareness for my project, No More Silence - The Book. 

I am wanting to get together as many different stories I can about people’s personal struggles with their eating disorders and giving people a glimpse into their lives. I want this book to be as open and honest as possible, so that people may get the chance to truly understand how diverse eating disorders really are.

If you are a writer, or you have written something about your eating disorder, please contact me. You can be anonymous or not, it is completely up to you. 

Write about your struggles, when your eating disorder started, what you have/were diagnosed with, how it affected you and everyone else in your life and where you are currently (recovery or relapse). I want the stories to be between 500-1000 words, no more than that since I am wanting to get together as many stories as I possibly can.

If you are interested, please either message me here in my inbox or email me at for more information.

I will be doing fundraising, but first I need enough stories to get people interested in the book.

I really hope I can do this, but I can’t without the stories. They are the most important things. People need to understand better, so this is a way to raise awareness and get your story out there.

Please let people know and get my idea out there, the more people that know and want to contribute, the bigger chance I have of actually achieving the goal. So please feel free to reblog this post or make a post of your own, letting people know what I am wanting to do and let me know.

Also, feel free to follow this Tumblr, I will be giving updates along the way.

Love you all.




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Everyone in the eating disorder community should reblog this and spread the word about this! Make sure to watch the full version too, so powerful :O

Check this out guys! I’m in it and it’s an amazing project by lovely Elijah!


One of my dear followers is in a competition at the moment and she wants to raise awareness of eating disorders which for obvious reasons means alot to me. All you have to do is click the link and ‘like’ the page. Her photography is absolutely magnificent and if you think so too, go visit her Tumblr. Let’s help her win this competition and just by doing this we will be supporting her photographs, and what we all believe in! It would mean so much to me, and definitely it would mean alot to her as well.

"Making recovery my life has been the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself"
— Kendra [Myself] (via beating-ed)