Unhealthy weight loss won’t:

  • Make your bones shrink
  • Won’t make you confident
  • Won’t allow you to rock all of the ‘thinspo’ fashion
  • Won’t make you better than anyone else
  • Won’t show that you are determined or strong
  • Won’t make you a better person
  • Won’t make people jealous of you
  • Make you muscular
  • Give you rockin’ abs
  • Make you light as a feather
  • Make you look better in all of your clothes
  • Help you get the guy or the girl

Unhealthy weight loss will:

  • Make your body malnourished
  • Make people worry about you
  • Make you emotionless
  • Terrify the people who love you
  • Probably make you eating disordered
  • Show you that your ‘UGW’ is never small enough
  • Probably fucking kill you.

The Things Pro Ana/Mia and Eating Disorders Don’t Tell You:
  1. If you are losing weight unhealthily, it won’t stay off because your body will go into starvation mode.
  2. You will never be skinny enough. Even if you reach your UGW, you will still want to keep going since you got that far.
  3. Losing ridiculous amounts of weight won’t make boys/girls like you better, it will just worry your family and friends.
  4. Hospitals and admission are scary, but death is scarier.
  5. You won’t enjoy shopping more if you lose alot of weight, you won’t have enough energy to enjoy anything.
  6. The more weight you lose, and the quicker you lose it, the more damage you will do to your body and it can become irreversible.
  7. People will not envy you for being so determined, they will worry and become scared and do anything they can to help you.
  8. Losing excessive amounts of weight does not make you strong, it just shows how much you really hate yourself.
  9. Your bones are not supposed to be on the outside of your body.
  10. Thigh gaps do not change your life.
  11. Purging, fasting, restricting and over exercising become awfully painful, and will become so out of control that it doesn’t become a choice.
  12. Perfect is not a number, perfect does not exist.
  13. If you have wide hips, no matter how much weight you lose, they will not shrink. You can’t lose weight in your bones.
  14. Being underweight doesn’t make you happier, or proud and no one will compliment you. All they will see is someone who is sick.

I want to hunt down each and every thinspo blog on Tumblr and go to their house with a gun and point it at their head and when they beg for me not to I will say, “Sorry, you promote slow death, so I am just doing it quickly for you before you hurt anyone else with your ignorance.”



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"A flat stomach is nice, but a concave one is perfect."
You are a fucking idiot.