Here are a few different photos of thinspo. 

If you believe that looking at photos like these promote healthy weight loss, you need to rethink that.

If you are trying to achieve seeing your bones, that is not healthy.

If you pressure yourself to only eat a specific amount of food that is lower than a proper daily intake, that is not healthy.

If you work out excessively without enough nutrition every day, that is not healthy.

If you fast for a day or more because you are angry about eating unhealthily, that is far from healthy.

Being healthy and losing weight properly is a slow process. If you drop weight really quickly on purpose, that is abusing your body and is NOT healthy.

Every person on this planet has a different body type and so we can’t even try to achieve to look how someone else does, because that’s just impossible.

All we should achieve is to be as healthy and happy as we can be and fasting/purging/purposely eating less calories/over exercising is not the way to go about it because it can get out of control and become something too big to stop.

I want to hunt down each and every thinspo blog on Tumblr and go to their house with a gun and point it at their head and when they beg for me not to I will say, “Sorry, you promote slow death, so I am just doing it quickly for you before you hurt anyone else with your ignorance.”



If you have an issue, come to my personal blog and attack me.